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1847 Flours

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Daily Bread Flour
Perfected with professional sourdough bakers and blended for full bodied flavour and texture. Notes of cinnamon and fresh cut wheat fields will shine through in your baking. Made from a blend of hard red spring wheat to deliver exceptional protein content resulting in high gluten development and oven bounce. Best used in sourdough bread, pizza dough and naan.

Baking suggestions: Sourdough and yeasted bread Pizza dough Naan


Red Fife
This heritage grain was brought from Scotland to Canada a little over 170 years ago and is said to be Canada’s oldest wheat. Up until the end of the 19th century Red Fife was the dominant hard wheat planted across the prairies. Fast forward to today and Red Fife is making a resurgence thanks to its nutritional value and flavour. With subtle notes of stone fruit and pecan, the butter smooth body of Red Fife will make your muffins and breads pop. Use it interchangeably with our Daily Grind multi-use flour or play around with mixtures in your recipes. 

Rye Flour

This rye flour bursts with flavour and a grainy body ideally suited for bread and savory baking. Rye berries are sourced from a collection of Southwestern Ontario farmers who eagerly grow them thanks to their natural weed control benefits. Planted either in the fall or early in the spring, rye is harvested in the late summer when stems have turned brown and seed heads start to droop over. After careful fine tuning with professional bakers, 1847 has opted to mill the rye coarse to produce a quill grey flour with strong smoky flavour and hints of microgreens and pumpkin. As the superior sourdough starter or the backbone for a great rye loaf, you will find infinite recipes that are sure to impress.