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Pastured Duck Eggs - 6

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Well, at least one of the ducks is sitting on eggs, and the rest are hiding them somewhere. This is one of the challenges of farm range eggs, laying can be anywhere!


The longer days lets the girls know it's time to begin laying again. As long as we can get to them before they freeze!

What are the benefits to eating duck eggs vs chicken eggs?

Duck eggs:
- stay fresher longer, due to their thicker shell.
- are richer, with more albumen, which makes cakes and other pastries rise to new heights.
- have more Omega-3 fatty acids.
- people who cannot eat chicken eggs, due to allergies, can often eat duck eggs.
- contain more protein.
- contain 6 times the vitamin D of chicken eggs have more nutrients and vitamins
On nearly every nutritional aspect, the eggs of ducks are better than chicken eggs. Duck eggs have more magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin A, thiamin, etc. per 100 grams.

They are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are vital for a normal human metabolism but our body cannot synthesize it. These omega 3 fatty acids . These fatty acids, are found in fish oils, walnuts, and flaxseeds. In order to obtain these fatty acids through your diet you would need a great amount of fish and walnuts, so eating egg ducks diversifies your sources of omega 3.

Duck eggs have a very thick shell which protect the eggs and extends the shelf life of the eggs. They simply stay fresh longer.

Duck eggs have slightly more protein. This again helps your baked good rise. They are great for those of us who bake gluten free.

Ducks are healthier to raise. They require no vaccines or de-worming medications.