Autumn Leaves Studio Tour artists invite the public into their art studios from Friday, October 1st to Sunday October 3rd,. All Sorts Acres is STUDIO R on the tour.

Go for a private walk, picnic, meditation, drawing, painting, playing music, or singing

If you would like to have the opportunity to be alone for a while with no distractions, or pressures.

About this experience

*************************PRICE IS $25/per group, not per person. Please order for just one person.******************

This is for you if you feel the need to get away, relax, site, draw, write, play music, whatever, on your own, with a close friend, or with you family.

What we are offering is a field, but for an 2 hours, it;s your field. While here, you won't experience any intrusions from the farm, us farmers, or anyone else. You will experience standard rural and farm neighbours. These include barking, noise from neighbours (but they are 200 metres away, so not a big deal), road noise (we are on highway 6), but that;s quite minimal, and of course wildlife and animals.

Please keep in mind there is no infrastructure, water, heat, light, or anything else. It's literally our back 40, where we go to relax ourselves.

We need to charge something for the extended use of our field because our insurance broker tells us we have to. It also mean we can tell others who just want to go for a walk to please respect the fence barrier and not go further. Beyond that barrier, is your space for a time. Hey, it may even be able to be added to your expenses as a health break (no official claims being made).

Essentially, we wanted to share in some of the experience that has helped keep us sane for the past 18 months. We always felt better after being able to be alone in nature for some time , no matter how bad, frustrated, frazzled, angry, sad, or anxious we felt.

****you MAY have a Nibbles and/or Fizz Buzz accompany you. If Nibbles and /or Fizz Buzzs' aren't desired, just let us know, and we'll keep them at the house. They just REALLY wants to meet you.

Your Host

Host image

Part of the middle field that is slowly being transformed into a wildlife area with the help of our hand pulled prints by jennifer.