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Soup hens

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We need freezer space! THe weather is perfect to get your slow cooker going.


A time comes when stewing or soup hens arrive on the farm. Having spent a couple of years running around on the farm, they must eventually go. 

In our view, in light of the new laying hens coming in, it's only right to honour the hens that have given us eggs for the past 24+ months. 

Don't be fooled though, this chicken is very special indeed. These soups hens have a flavour like no other. Months of eating grasses, bugs, running around, up and down hills, growing strong bones, and most importantly, being a chicken. Soup hens are without a doubt, the most FLAVOURFUL chickens out there. 

The way to cook a soup hens is simple, low and slow. It needs time to have it's flavour  be drawn out by a simple simmer, with or without herbs and other veg. Once done, you will have a dish like no other.

No, they aren't for roasting, but what a wonderful way of honouring the animal by using the whole body, bones and all, to nourish others.