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Lamb Spareribs

Lamb Spareribs

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Lamb ribs, also known as lamb riblets or Denver style ribs are the equivalent of pork spare ribs, which is why they are often called lamb spare ribs. Lamb ribs are part of the breast primal cut. Typically they are separated from the breast bone and then split. The best ways to cook lamb riblets are slow roasting, indirect heat grilling, sous-vide, smoking or braising.

Below is the beginning of an amazing recipe from


You need to prepare the lamb spare ribs for the slow cooking part of the recipe. We strongly recommend that you follow the steps illustrated above in order to achieve fall-off-the-bone tender meat.

  • First pat dry each rack with a paper towel and turn it over so the meatier side faces down. You will notice a translucent membrane that helps hold the ribs. To remove it, use the tip of a knife to lift it and then peel it off entirely.




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