We're OPEN! Come visit us and the sheep!

We're OPEN! Come visit us and the sheep!

Well, it's taken far longer than we anticipated it would, but that's a normal thing around here. No matter, We have a Farm Store! 

We can now welcome you in rustic style. Our little Sheep Shed is hopefully the beginning of something that will grow much bigger, but I'm getting ahead of myself...


Laying hens having a dust bath in the front yard.

Firstly, you will meet the chickens, and possibly ducks and geese. This time of year we have meat birds, and laying hens. The meat birds have their own space, complete with shelter, shade, and environmental enrichment. As for the laying hens, they get to wander around the farm. Their wandering is one of the reasons we don't really have a garden, at least not a serious one. Gardens and chickens don't mix well.

The milkies grazing behind the barn.

You'll also see sheep. Our sheep are in the pasture all summer. Each morning they trundle out to get something to eat, eat, then, when they've had enough of outside,get too hot, or are just full, they retreat to the more temperature inside of the 100 year old bank barn. Although you can't go inside the bank barn, you can look inside. It's set up specifically for sheep. Yes, this is a thing. The layout of the sheep area changes depending on the time of year. Barn layout occupies a lot of my brain sadly.

Some more yarn on the wheel.

Chances are you'll also see either myself or Tim doing "stuff". This could include, washing, picking, carding, spinning, felting, or weaving wool. Although not meant to be demonstrations, they kinda are. You can even try some of it yourself!

As the sheep move around in the pastures, each visit, they may be in a different spot. Our rotational pasture system is approximately 14 acres with 11 different pastures. There's almost nothing better than watching the sheep in a brand new pasture.

Small, but completely functional is how to describe the milkhouse. Complete with a line washer, milk sinks, bulk tank, and other bits and pieces needed to milk.

Bob and Pinky

Without a doubt, you'll meet Bob and Pinky, perhaps you'll hear them first. These floofs are livestock guardian dogs, living with the sheep full time. They take their job very seriously, and will defend their sheep from both two and four legged predators.

Polyphemus moth

Part of our goal is to facilitate biodiversity. We have many different species of insects, animals, and birds that visit us regularly. You may hear, see, or find tracks of barn swallows, green frogs, dragon and damsel flies, chipmunks, red squirrels, bobolinks, deer, fox, coyotes, shrew, praying mantis, and lots of types of butterflies as well as bumble and honey bees.

Looking back towards the barn on the trail
The first time Tim and I visited this farm to see if it would be suitable for us, we decided to take a walk along the trail behind the barn to the hayfield. We still do that almost every day with the puppers. It's now opened up and mowed so you can have a walk as well. We still love the views, and the peace and quite back there.

We'd love to welcome you to our farm!

We are open Weekends from 12-5pm
Weekdays by appointment.


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