Planting seed cards

Our cards are made with 100% post consumer paper embedded with wildflower seeds
1. Prepare your Pot: Fill your pot 2/3 full with potting soil. Tamp down soil, adding more if needed. Pot should be firmly full, but not packed.

2. Plant the Paper: Take plantable paper and place in pot. Sprinkle lightly with soil.

3. Water during Germination: Water paper. Paper and the soil should be damp for the first 10 days.

4. Care after Germination: Once sprouts appear, continue to keep paper moist, don’t overwater. Once sturdy plants appear, water as needed.

The paper can be planted indoors or outside. If planting outside, ensure all danger of frost has passed before planting. Plants may include: Bird’s Eye , Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Catchfly, Snapdragon, Sweet Alyssum