Soil to sheep to soil again

All Sorts Acres embraces circular thinking and sustainability, making full use of what the land has to offer and supporting all the creatures that make up a healthy, living landscape.

Circular and Regenerative Farms

Grow more than just food

EcoWool Garden Products

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Wool is a fibre with unique properties. Historically the different types of wool were used extensively in daily life, but over time it has been replaced with petrochemical alternatives. EcoWool is reviving and innovating the use of what is considered "waste" wool into sustainable and practial products to replace those made with fossil fuels.

Farm Food

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As a circular and regenerative farm we offer many different types of items that are products of our wholistic farm system. Dairy sheep give us both milk and meat. Our sheep are rotationally grazed all summer as part of the larger ecosystem providing habitat for many different species.

Fibre and Felting

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Sheep produce wool each year in varying qualities. The best wool is used in art and craft projects.

Seed Paper Greeting Cards

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Living landscapes are inspiring. Here are some eco-friendly cards that are made from post-consumer paper and once finished with grow wildflowers.

Latest Additions

The Waste Wool Project

Wool is a biodegradable, renewable resources that’s a by-product of global sheep industry that reduces the amount of water, petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides needed for growing plants.
When pelletized, raw wool  helps regulate water in the soil, reducing the need for watering, increases aeration, and are a slow release fertilizer with essential and micronutrients.