Our Story

Our Story

All Sorts Acres Farm and Gallery is a 50-acre regenerative farm and art gallery located near Ayton in Grey County, Ontario.


Farmers Jennifer and Tim welcome visitors to experience life, art and nature on the farm, home to a flock of pastured milking sheep, chickens, ducks and assorted dogs, cats and bees. All Sorts Acres embraces circular thinking and sustainability, making full use of what the land has to offer and supporting all the creatures that make up a healthy, living landscape.

Want to know more about the farmers and history of All Sorts Acres?

 Jennifer is a fine artist as well as a farmer, working at the crossroads of illustration, print-making and fibre arts that reflect her interests in animals, landscape design and ecology.  Her art materials are largely drawn from the land as well, from willow tree charcoal to elderberry inks and wool from her sheep. Shop Jennifer’s farm-inspired artworks, which include original watercolours, hand-pulled prints, eco-friendly greeting cards and handmade wool products. Jennifer also offers a curated selection of eco-friendly artists supplies.


Farm-fresh sheep dairy, lamb, eggs and other food products

Tim and Jennifer sell pastured lamb, chicken and eggs, and grass-fed sheep dairy products, including gelato, kefir, milk, cheeses and other products. Shop all products.


Visit the farm and gallery

Visitors are invited to browse the farm shop and gallery, and experience the circularity of life on a working farm through walks and guided interactions with the animals. The farm is open to visitors Saturdays, Sundays and by appointment. Book your experience.