Farm Stories - Februay 19, 2022

Farm Stories - Februay 19, 2022

Here we are here, in February of 2022. The world has gone though so much. Business had changed and pivoted multiple times. Hopefully the sense of uncertainty can be put behind us and looking forward can be hopeful again. 

That's what we are doing now. Despite the blizzard outside the window today, we are planning and working towards a new future. Delivering good food to you all for the past couple of years is a pleasure and an honour. It really has. Thank you for letting us a part of that, but that is coming to an end. As things are opening up, people need us less. The local shops and businesses need to be supported as they have had an even harder go of it. Getting out, supporting your local community stores is essential to keep urban, town, and village economies going. 

Doing home deliveries has taught us so much, and it's an amazing experience. Like so much in the past two years, we are doing what was needed to keep going and hopefully making life a little better for others in the process. The lessons learned won't be forgotten. In fact, they have helped us grow in new and exciting ways, both as people and as a farm. We are now taking those lessons and experiences to make our farm better! 

We are transitioning to opening up the farm to all of you in new and interesting ways. We want to share our farm with you! Here's a preview of this coming year for the farm:

  • Still doing home delivery weekly- but not a weekly newsletter 
  • Farm Store and Art Gallery - visit the farm, go for a walk, and take home a piece of the farm from art to ice cream. 
  • Demonstrations - weaving, felting, dying, spinning, printmaking, and so many more things that happen on the farm. 
  • Agricultural Arts Workshops and Experiences - on-farm workshops such as peg loom weaving, printmaking, paint making, hedgerow planting, how to milk sheep, small farm business planning, and the 100 Square Foot Food Forest
  • Farmstay Camping - come and camp on the farm
  • Wholesale options - expanding our reach by partnering with other local businesses, do you know any who may be interested in what we do?



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