Local Food Home Delivery

Have sheep milk and more, delivered directly to your door within the Greater Toronto area, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph/Wellington.

Weekly Order Period: Saturday 7am -Tuesday 12 pm (noon)
Online store is updated on Fridays ready for Saturday. 

GTA Delivery: Thursdays (the change gives a longer order period)
TRI CITIES Delivery: Saturdays

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Sheep’s milk is also unique in its structure. Many of those who are lactose intolerant, and cannot drink cow or goat milk, can consume sheep’s milk. Sheep milk nutritionally out-performs goat & cow’s milk in almost all areas:

  • 44% more Energy than cow’s milk
  • 45% more Protein than cow’s milk
  • 50% more Iron than cow or goat’s milk
  • 38% more Calcium
  • 90% more Folic Acid than goat’s milk (similar levels in cow’s milk)
  • 50% more Vitamin B12 than cow’s milk
  • Higher levels of key vitamins A, D, E & C than both cow & goat’s milk

Many people who have an intolerance or sensitivities to cow’s milk find that they can consume sheep’s dairy products successfully because sheep milk contains higher levels of medium-short-chain fatty acids (MCT), which aids in the absorption of lactose. MCT also limits and/or inhibits cholesterol deposits.
From: http://nzsheepmilk.co.nz/nutritional-faqs/