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All Sorts Acres Farm

Goose Quill Pen

Goose Quill Pen

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Right from the goose's wing!

Our heritage Toulouse, and Dewlap Toulouse geese Johnny, Alice, Emma, are the providers of our feathers. Each year they naturally molt, leaving a beautiful trail of feathers behind them. A single goose can produce up to 10 feathers a year.

Writing with a quill is a unique experience and definitely worth a try. You may find you never go back!

Jennifer collects them daily, in the barn yard. The feathers are then naturally  hardened for a year. After the year is up, they are soaked, and hand cut into a writing quill.

Feathers are from both wings - a goose's right wing feather is more suited to a left-handed writer and a left wing feather more suitable for a right-handed writer.

Writing with a quill pen is a unique experience. By it's very nature, it forces one to slow down, and think about the action and process of writing.



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