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Handmade Watercolour Paint Card - Primary Palette

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Small batch watercolour paints made with natural and farm ingredients. Made with a single, pure pigment, gum arabic, farm honey, and essential oil as a preservative. The pigments used for making paints are  archival, eco-friendly, and sustainably-harvested from around the world. They contain no added fillers, additives, preservatives, stabilizers, or heavy metals. 

This biodegradable, seed paper card is the ideal introduction to a limited  watercolour palette. Colours are:

  • Ultramarine Blue - opaque, lightfastness: excellent
  • Ultramarine Purple- semi-transparent, lightfastness: excellent
  • Yellow Ochre - opaque, lightfastness: excellent
  • Orange Ochre - opaque, lightfastness: excellent
  • Venetian Red - opaque, lightfastness: excellent
  • Burnt Sienna - opaque, lightfastness: excellent
  • Emerald Green - opaque, lightfastness: excellent

Each paint is handmade and hand packaged on farm using honey form our own bees. The paper the paint is on contains wildflower seeds and is completely biodegradable.